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Found 2 results

  1. I am using an aging Nano 5.6.16 version of uniform server and want to update, but it seems that the latest versions have a problme with Zone Alarm. I have the very latest version of Zone Alarm Internet Security Suite, but still get a message when I launch unicontroller warnign me about the blue screen of death and that updating to the latest version of zone alarm will solve the issue. The controller then doesn't seem to open, but the process is running Now, does the controller actually detect the version of zone alarm? In other words, is it just saying, "unless you have the latest version of ZA, you'll have trouble - if you have the latest version, you're fine." or is it saying "your detected version of zonealarm will cause trouble"? Also, if I disable zone alarm before running the controller, it all opens up just fine. It's not very practical to have to keep enabling/disabling zone alarm all the time!
  2. Installation: Server OS: Windows XP SP3 (with latest updates as at 21-Sep-2013) UniServer Zero Modules installed: Zero_Controller_10_2_3.exe (with msmtp v1.4.31) Zero_apache_2_4_6-1_0_1e.exe Zero_documentation_1_0_6.exe Zero_mysql_5_5_33.exe Zero_php_5_3_27-1_0_1e.exe Zero_php_5_4_19-1_0_1e.exe Zero_phpmyadmin_4_0_6.exe Zero_phpmybackuppro_2_3.exe Problem Description: In general, no significant problems - great product, thank you. Except problems with Mail Utility msmtp when trying to run it from the controller application, Menu > General > Mail utility msmtp > Send Mail (button). Problem is: No mail is sent, no C:\UniServerZ\core\msmtp\msmtp.log file is created. (I had previously appropriately edited C:\UniServerZ\core\msmtp\msmtprc.ini using Menu > General > Mail utility msmtp > Edit configuration file and double checked that the edits had been saved, and stopped and restarted the controller) Sending mail using C:\UniServerZ\core\msmtp\Send_test_email.bat works as expected (does not matter if Apache Server is running or not running) Sending mail using a PHP script works as expected when Apache Server is running. Diagnostics: (1) Edited C:\UniServerZ\core\msmtp\Send_test_email.bat and changed the line, msmtp --file=%cd%\msmtprc.ini user_name@target_email_address -t < %TEMP%\temp.mail such that 'user_name@target_email_address' was a valid email address (2) Ran the file Send_test_email.bat from the Windows command prompt (3) Everything worked as expected, log file created (and contents shown in controller General > Mail utility msmtp > log file (4) Tried again to Send Mail using the controller General > Mail utility msmtp > Send Mail, but nothing appears to happen (5) From the controller Apache Utilities > Server Console executed; C:\UniServerZ>msmtp.exe -P ignoring system configuration file C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\msmtprc.txt: No such file or directory ignoring user configuration file C:\UniServerZ\msmtprc.txt: No such file or directory falling back to default account msmtp.exe: account default not found: no configuration file available C:\UniServerZ>msmtp.exe -S msmtp.exe: account default not found: no configuration file available Thank you.
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