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Found 1 result

  1. Installation: Server OS: Windows XP SP3 (with latest updates as at 21-Sep-2013) UniServer Zero Modules installed: Zero_Controller_10_2_3.exe (with msmtp v1.4.31) Zero_apache_2_4_6-1_0_1e.exe Zero_documentation_1_0_6.exe Zero_mysql_5_5_33.exe Zero_php_5_3_27-1_0_1e.exe Zero_php_5_4_19-1_0_1e.exe Zero_phpmyadmin_4_0_6.exe Zero_phpmybackuppro_2_3.exe Problem Description: In general, no significant problems - great product, thank you. Except problems with Mail Utility msmtp when trying to run it from the controller application, Menu > General > Mail utility msmtp > Send Mail (button). Problem is: No mail is sent, no C:\UniServerZ\core\msmtp\msmtp.log file is created. (I had previously appropriately edited C:\UniServerZ\core\msmtp\msmtprc.ini using Menu > General > Mail utility msmtp > Edit configuration file and double checked that the edits had been saved, and stopped and restarted the controller) Sending mail using C:\UniServerZ\core\msmtp\Send_test_email.bat works as expected (does not matter if Apache Server is running or not running) Sending mail using a PHP script works as expected when Apache Server is running. Diagnostics: (1) Edited C:\UniServerZ\core\msmtp\Send_test_email.bat and changed the line, msmtp --file=%cd%\msmtprc.ini user_name@target_email_address -t < %TEMP%\temp.mail such that 'user_name@target_email_address' was a valid email address (2) Ran the file Send_test_email.bat from the Windows command prompt (3) Everything worked as expected, log file created (and contents shown in controller General > Mail utility msmtp > log file (4) Tried again to Send Mail using the controller General > Mail utility msmtp > Send Mail, but nothing appears to happen (5) From the controller Apache Utilities > Server Console executed; C:\UniServerZ>msmtp.exe -P ignoring system configuration file C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\msmtprc.txt: No such file or directory ignoring user configuration file C:\UniServerZ\msmtprc.txt: No such file or directory falling back to default account msmtp.exe: account default not found: no configuration file available C:\UniServerZ>msmtp.exe -S msmtp.exe: account default not found: no configuration file available Thank you.
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