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Found 2 results

  1. I am using an aging Nano 5.6.16 version of uniform server and want to update, but it seems that the latest versions have a problme with Zone Alarm. I have the very latest version of Zone Alarm Internet Security Suite, but still get a message when I launch unicontroller warnign me about the blue screen of death and that updating to the latest version of zone alarm will solve the issue. The controller then doesn't seem to open, but the process is running Now, does the controller actually detect the version of zone alarm? In other words, is it just saying, "unless you have the latest version of ZA, you'll have trouble - if you have the latest version, you're fine." or is it saying "your detected version of zonealarm will cause trouble"? Also, if I disable zone alarm before running the controller, it all opens up just fine. It's not very practical to have to keep enabling/disabling zone alarm all the time!
  2. OK, So I have Windows 7 Pro and the latest version of Uniform Server: Uniform Server_12_0_0_ZeroXII. I also have the latest version of Zone Alarm Internet Security Suite ( However, if I try to launch the UniController, I get told that I am running Zone Alarm and that I may get the blue screen of death, etc ....or upgrade to the latest version of Zone Alarm....which I already have. So what gives? Why is it telling me I don't have the latest version? I am not faffing about with stopping zone alarm everytime I stop apache! Can I not use this version of uniform server then? If not, what one CAN I use? Such a shame, I have loved my ageing version of Uniform server on my old PC
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