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Installin IPB free Trial on Uniformserver

Jeane Paul

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Guys, can you help me once again here..i was tryin to install a free trial IPB boards on my Uniformserver..however, IPB was encoded, the encoder that i was asked to use is "ioncube".


however, i have a problem on installin it..the instruction says that


To install the Loader in your php.ini file, edit or create the file W:\usr\local\Php\php.ini and add the following line before any other zend_extension lines:

zend_extension_ts = <drive>:\<path>\ioncube_loader_win_5.0


where <drive>:\<path>\ is where you've installed the loader.


If there are no zend_extension lines already, you can put the line at any point in the file.


Finally, stop and restart your web server software for the changes to take effect.


i was asked to install the loader on my "php.ini"


Yes i did install it, but howcome it is still not working? i am still noted to install the Loader on my "php.ini" ..i can post here my "php.ini" file if you guys want me..however, can i ask on how do i install this loader in any other way that is easy? i have been doing this since lat month i guess, when i started on choosing what boards that i am going to use...




Pls, help me guys...


thank you once again..

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I do not think it is a good idea for you to mess with your server just because you want to install the IPB free trial. It is not worth it at all. You can ask someone to install it on a server for you to test but installing it is not worth it.

If you still persist even though it will expire after a while of installing it, then i will try and set up a tutorial for you in the Wiki on how to install it.


I recommend you not too cause it is not work it at all for IPB free trial. Belive me, i know.

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Thanks For the Advice Sir. pls Forigve me, but i just want to try and experience all the bulletin Boards Software in my home UniformServer..


you see sir, im kinda an obssessed young man trying to push some limits..i already have tried installing a mambo, phpBB, miniBB, and next project is IPB free Trial in my home uniformserver..and sir, dont worry, i wont apply this to a live Hosting..just for my Uniformserver only..i just want to learn more and explore something...


so, can you now teach me? trust me, i wont use this in a live hosting. you already said, that it's not worthy to install.


i just want to experience every Bulletin board Software..somehow, i was wishing i can try vBulleting on my uniformserver, but unfortunately, i cant because it is a paid Forums Like IPB...


thank you so much

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Which one did u download? You are suppose to download: http://www.ioncube.com/misc/ioncube_loader...0_pre_5.0.3.zip


That is for PHP 5.0.0 to PHP 5.0.2 :rolleyes: You have to use that ones .dll files.


Also you got this wrong:




It is suppsoe to be:



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