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  1. Greetings, yes!! its now working IPB looks good..thanks for the harworks and time you've given.
  2. thanks for the tutorial.. however, sad, because it did not work. i did what you have said, but i did not get any luck... here is my php ini file, can you pls check it if i missed something..sorry for the trouble php.txt
  3. Greetings, Thanks For the Advice Sir. pls Forigve me, but i just want to try and experience all the bulletin Boards Software in my home UniformServer.. you see sir, im kinda an obssessed young man trying to push some limits..i already have tried installing a mambo, phpBB, miniBB, and next project is IPB free Trial in my home uniformserver..and sir, dont worry, i wont apply this to a live Hosting..just for my Uniformserver only..i just want to learn more and explore something... so, can you now teach me? trust me, i wont use this in a live hosting. you already said, that it's not worthy to install. i just want to experience every Bulletin board Software..somehow, i was wishing i can try vBulleting on my uniformserver, but unfortunately, i cant because it is a paid Forums Like IPB... thank you so much
  4. Greetings, Guys, can you help me once again here..i was tryin to install a free trial IPB boards on my Uniformserver..however, IPB was encoded, the encoder that i was asked to use is "ioncube". however, i have a problem on installin it..the instruction says that where <drive>:\<path>\ is where you've installed the loader. If there are no zend_extension lines already, you can put the line at any point in the file. Finally, stop and restart your web server software for the changes to take effect. i was asked to install the loader on my "php.ini" Yes i did install it, but howcome it is still not working? i am still noted to install the Loader on my "php.ini" ..i can post here my "php.ini" file if you guys want me..however, can i ask on how do i install this loader in any other way that is easy? i have been doing this since lat month i guess, when i started on choosing what boards that i am going to use... Pls, help me guys... thank you once again..
  5. Greetings Sorry to take long for replying..i was busy on modifying my phpBB boards this past few days.. yes i have fixed that problem,, i have edited some lines on the .sql files...then it worked well now..thanks guys for the support. i reall appreciate it..
  6. Greetings, Guys, can you pls help me here. i dont know if this is right to post it here, but somehow i am hoping that you can help me, since it is about phpMyAdmin.. i was doing a Database restore through phpMyAdmin. i am doing tihs because i am transferring my phpBB boards to a new host..i have splitted my database into 4 files(because sql file is really big). i have them 4 files and has 900kb each. however, when i was on the last part of the file, i have this kind of error on my phpMyAdmin.. can anyone pls help me?, i cant proceed on my project because i have this error. i am hoping that you guys can help me somehow.. thank you so much
  7. Greetings, i have some problems and hoping that i can get some help here.. i Run the 'start' file to begin my uniserver.. and i got this error there was a problem sending the command to the program i tried accessing localhost/a/ and i do reache my main panel.. i try running my 'mySQL' database and all seems to be working well, but when accessing my 'phpMyAdmin' i receive this kind of error on my page.. #2003 - The server is not responding pls help me, i need to get back my server, as i am preparing something for my live forums in phpBB..and now, i have this problem and i cant continue my job.. can anyone pls help me. thank you so much in advance..
  8. Greetings, OK, thank you soo much.. im now playing with it..i knew it, this Uniserver is really a big help.. thanks so much..ill drop once again,..and yes, IPB is now a paid boards. i wonder if, they where really free boards before? except "IF(invisionfree)" btw, last question. sir, i f am running two or three boards let say IPB,vBulletin, or phpBB..they require each one a databae..well, we all know i only have a one folder "www" is there a possible way i can run those three boards in my home PC all at once? if yes, what structure could be my directory in where i can place files for those 3 boards? or if not, i have to install another UniServer for each Boards? sorry, for my poor english sir, because im no american or what..im from philippines..
  9. Greetings, Sir, i have it now working.. i used the file that you have given me and downloaded a new version at phpmyadmin.net.. in my localhost..after going to phpMyAdmin, and page wasnt displaying anything. then i tried refreshing the page many times, and suddenly phpMyAdmin appeard. sir, can i ask for something. you see, i am installing a phpbb in my uniserver..but, my problem is, i dont where can i make a database with its password. there where some required fields on the installation that needs database name, database password..uhmm can you pls help me out about this fields? or if not, can you pls teach me how or where can i make a database name and a password for it? here are the fields on the installations on phpBB im quite noob about this..can you pls help me sir? thanks very much..
  10. Greetings, Sad, i still couldnt use it..before i was able to use it. but then now, i cant..i wonder what happens..sir, can you send me another pack that is working to this jeanepaul@ispx.com.ph ? or can you pls redirect me to a place where i can download it once again..the truth is, i have downloaded that pack last month, and untill now i cant make it work because phpMyAdmin isnt working.. the purpose of this in very need of this server is because, i am testing and modifying a phpBB boards. somebody advised me about using a miniserver..he says, this package really a bomb. but unfortunately, i cant use it.. so pls Sir, help me thanks.
  11. Hello, uhmm, Sir. i have downloaded your package Uniserver3.2 and have followd the complete instructions on how i do i set it up on my home PC using a Windows XP professional edition. however, as sson as i have start all the necessary things that needs to get my server up, it seems that i cant use my phpMyAdmin..i have tried using different browser for it, because it might have caused some browser bugs that prohibits me on viewing properly my phpMyAdmin.. In IE it displays this error and on my other Browser, Opera8.0 and Mozilla firefox, phpMYAdmin doesnt show up..i only have there an Apache log analyzer. saying like this Sir, can you pls help me here..pls? thanks
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