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i installed hmail server for my phpbb use uniform server's mysql and set localhost as phpbb's smtp server.


can anyone write a complete newbie guide for hmailserver ?


configuring mx, hostnames, smtp relay and all.. plz.... been workin on it 2 days straight. :( :D

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MX is not need, and the hostname can be set up as localhost. Just use the setup and tell us what u need... be specific. Most of it can be localhost if it is asking for an address or something.



Further help can also be received from hMailServer forum.

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using hMailserver 5.1, I'd like to use mySQL, but after copying libmysql.dll to the hMailserver bin directory, I'm getting significantly different questions in the setup wizards. Could you update the Unicenter instructions for a newer version of hMailserver?


Note that mySQL is no longer the default db used and especially note that you must have MS .net 2.0 installed to even attempt installing hMailserver.




I have seen this post searched for several times hence this page is worth a visit:




All the best

Ric :D

UniformServer 5.x, CodeIgniter, Gimp. What else could anyone want?

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Ideally it is preferred to install hMailServer using its inbuilt database see step 5].

If you use an external MySQL server for example UniServer MySQL you loose the advantage of Uniform Server’s portability.


I had no problems with this:



1] Intro NEXT

2] Select radio button - I accept the agreement - Next

3] Accept default path - Next

4] Selected components (default both) - Next

5] Use built in database engine - Microsoft SQL Compact - Next

6] Default Start menu - Next

7] To continue - Install

8] Enter hmail admin password - e.g. fred123 - Next

9] Check box - Run hmailServer Administrator (default) - Finish



Note the difference at step 3)


10] Admin - Connect

11] Enter password - e.g. fred123 - OK

12] Welcome > Add domain

13] 3) Enter Domain - Note: Catch all address moved to advance-tab

14] Select Advance-tab enter Catch all address e.g postmaster @ mpg123.no-ip.org

15] Click - Save



Although there are minor differences you should have no problems with installation.


Keeping hMailServer server independent is preferable should the main server go down you do not loose your mail server.


All the best

Ric :D

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