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    can anyone help me install dbi in uni 3.3? i have downloaded dbi form cpan. and now im lost..
  2. i installed hmail server for my phpbb use uniform server's mysql and set localhost as phpbb's smtp server. can anyone write a complete newbie guide for hmailserver ? configuring mx, hostnames, smtp relay and all.. plz.... been workin on it 2 days straight.
  3. ulead photo impact.. i hope 3.3 won't have the same problem..
  4. i installed 3.1 in my machine.. works fine now.. can't find the problem with 3.2a.. i think it's my image editor after ive installed it php/mysql keeps refreshing..
  5. i did try reinstalling a fresh copy.. downloaded a new 3.2a.exe and .zip still don't work.. i also tried installing a new phpmyadmin still don't work.. i thinking of downloading 3.2 or 3.1.. =-[
  6. tried it trice doesn't work.. btw when is 3.3 comin out?
  7. i found the same problem "HERE".. i've tried it but it is still blinking..
  8. i dont know what seems to be the problem.. plz help.. i've been searching for answers.. i even posted at mysql.com.. still no reply.. help!
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