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installing tar files in perl under xp


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I had a problem with the win32::TieRegistry with ActivePerl 5.8.7 build 813 since it could not find the TieRegistry.pm.. eventually l ran the ppm and downloaded the module.. everything was working fine till l started the dbd-oracle download via the ppm.. since it is 78mb the inconsistency in the connection killed it twice at 10 and 12 Mb..


Then I downloaded from cpan a lot of tar gz files.. which l dont know how to install on win platform.. all the help will be appreciated as l hit deadline tomorrow and l still cant connect to my Oracle 8i since when l use


use win32::ODBC


it gives and error saying oracle.pm not found ;)


(Sorry for private email)



Nikhil. J

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This is kinda confusing, sorry i didn't get back to you earlier, something is wrong with the email notifications and i haven't been receiving it for 3 days now so i did not know about new topics or replies.


First question, where did you use PPM? On the Uniform Server?


Before going to second, my quess is that you are trying to use Uniform Server to connect to you Oracle database right?


Second question, check the W:/usr/lib for a file called oracle.pm


If it is not there, download it from CPAN and place it there. I do not think it comes with our package.


Thrid question, did Perl connect to the Oracle database before? As you said here "everything was working fine till l started the dbd-oracle download via the ppm"?




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l could never connect to oracle.. l am fairly new to perl programming and l dont know what a uniform server is.. and since l am not using linux l dont have /usr/lib..


when l tried to do a ppm the command l gave was


>search oracle


this gave me a list of dbd's l started with the second command


>install DBD-ORACLE


its a 78mb file.. and l missed the bandwagon at 50 mb.. pretty sad state..


is there a way to install my tar.gz files..


somewhere l read that l can do a


>Perl make.pl


but l dont knw where to unzip it

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You are doing soemthing very wrong. I hope you are at least familiar with something that you are doing? The Uniform Server is a WAMPP Package that contains Apache, PHP, Perl, MySQL, & phpMyAdmin for the Windows OS. Its also lightweight and mobile.


Currently our PPM module does not work so i do not think that the PPM you are using is ours. It must be from soemthing else or another installation, maybe Oracle, not too sure, not a fan of Oracle, :lol:


I am trying to find our what is it you are really trying to do? Connect to the Oracle database using Perl? Is that it?

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