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  1. l could never connect to oracle.. l am fairly new to perl programming and l dont know what a uniform server is.. and since l am not using linux l dont have /usr/lib.. when l tried to do a ppm the command l gave was >search oracle this gave me a list of dbd's l started with the second command >install DBD-ORACLE its a 78mb file.. and l missed the bandwagon at 50 mb.. pretty sad state.. is there a way to install my tar.gz files.. somewhere l read that l can do a >Perl make.pl but l dont knw where to unzip it
  2. hi, I had a problem with the win32::TieRegistry with ActivePerl 5.8.7 build 813 since it could not find the TieRegistry.pm.. eventually l ran the ppm and downloaded the module.. everything was working fine till l started the dbd-oracle download via the ppm.. since it is 78mb the inconsistency in the connection killed it twice at 10 and 12 Mb.. Then I downloaded from cpan a lot of tar gz files.. which l dont know how to install on win platform.. all the help will be appreciated as l hit deadline tomorrow and l still cant connect to my Oracle 8i since when l use use win32::ODBC it gives and error saying oracle.pm not found (Sorry for private email) Nikhil. J
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