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Needed: Translators, Designers, & NSIS Programmer


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The Uniform Server Development Team needs people in the following areas:


  • Graphic Designers: We are looking for Graphic Designers to help create buttons, banners, flash animations and other things that are needed but are being made slowly due to work overflow.
  • Language Translators: We are currently looking for Translators who can help Translate the Admin Panel to other languages. Please read this topic for more information on how to help translate Admin Panel 2.0 into other languages for release with v3.3: http://forum.uniformserver.com/index.php?s...=201

  • NSIS Programmer: If you have knowledge of the Nullsoft Installtion System, we are looking for you. The NSIS Installer is the default installer for our plugins and due to the work overflow we have not yet started the installers for the plugins, both old and new will be using this installer to make things easier on us.


If you are intrested in any position, please send me a PM and i will further reply you with more information. As a member of any of this group you will be added to the user group here in the forum and will be able to get Beta Versions of the server and also use of the Developer Forum; Along with the new Beta Center that is currently under development.



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