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Massive delays when loading certain pages


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First post, this one. I know, a lot of people do first-posts asking questions and never return to read the answer or bother thanking people for their efforts. They suck, and I am not one of them, worry not. So if anyone has any multi-paragraph nuggets of awesome to share with me, your efforts really will be appreciated.


Anyway, I'm writing this because the forum on my website is ill, and I cannot work out what is wrong with it. Here's the link to an affected page -




Now, I'm not sure whether this will load for you quickly the first time and quickly each time thereafter, or will load after an epic-long wait. It might even throw up a server error message. For me, and for a lot of the forum's members, it's either epic-long wait, or error message. And I can't work out why.


It did the same when I hosted the site under IIS7 with PHP5 and a dedicated install of whatever the latest verson of MySQL is. Having shifted the site over to the Uniform platform, the problem still remains. I'm stumped.


I suspect it could be a MySQL problem, since some forum threads load perfectly without fail, and others suffer. I've tried table repairs on the whole database, but to no avail. I can't think of anything else to try.


Can any of you fine folks suggest something that might help us out?



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I tried a few links, and agree with Danny. It looks like the external links slowdown your pages.


In particular video links seem the worst.


I am not sure if frame sets exaggerate the problem.


All the best


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