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  1. It's a bit of a long-shot, but it might be that your path is too long. NTFS supports paths of only up to 127 characters, of which 30 are being used there. Move the "Uniform Server" folder to the root of your C drive, and try again. After that, check your permissions out. Right-click the folder, click Properties, and you'll find a tab there for Security. You'll need to click around here to figure some things out for yourself (I'm on an XP machine with simple file sharing enabled, so I can't guide you through this), but what you want to do is claim ownership of the files to your user account or the group to which your user account belongs, including all objects, and then grant yourself, the system, and any account that looks useful full access privs. Assuming it starts working after that, access the security properties again to trim account access down to something a little safer before letting the server go wild.
  2. Hi, First post, this one. I know, a lot of people do first-posts asking questions and never return to read the answer or bother thanking people for their efforts. They suck, and I am not one of them, worry not. So if anyone has any multi-paragraph nuggets of awesome to share with me, your efforts really will be appreciated. Anyway, I'm writing this because the forum on my website is ill, and I cannot work out what is wrong with it. Here's the link to an affected page - http://www.yourlost.co.uk/forum/index.php?...amp;msg=10772.1 Now, I'm not sure whether this will load for you quickly the first time and quickly each time thereafter, or will load after an epic-long wait. It might even throw up a server error message. For me, and for a lot of the forum's members, it's either epic-long wait, or error message. And I can't work out why. It did the same when I hosted the site under IIS7 with PHP5 and a dedicated install of whatever the latest verson of MySQL is. Having shifted the site over to the Uniform platform, the problem still remains. I'm stumped. I suspect it could be a MySQL problem, since some forum threads load perfectly without fail, and others suffer. I've tried table repairs on the whole database, but to no avail. I can't think of anything else to try. Can any of you fine folks suggest something that might help us out? Cheers
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