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  1. You are on your own to update the components of Uniform Server. It's never going to happen from the Uniform Server crew. I would highly suggest you do what I have done and that is switch to Laragon. Actively developed and supported. https://laragon.org/ Plus ... as with US, it does run nicely from a USB stick
  2. Hi Sweet Pea, The memory referred to in the error is memory allocated to PHP and is not the server memory To increase the PHP memory limit: - stop Apache in the UniServer Control Panel (USCP) - from the USCP, select PHP > Edit selected configuration file - this will open the currently in use php.ini file in Notepad - perform a Find for the word memory - the first instance will be: ; Maximum amount of memory a script may consume (128MB); http://php.net/memory-limitmemory_limit = 128M - change 128M to 256M and File > Save- restart Apache That should do it Cheers! Lyle
  3. Hi Ric, As the subject mentions, when I am using 13.3.2 with the default PHP 7.1.1 (and even when switched to the 5.6.30 module), the images that are included with the Elementor page builder templates are not loaded into the Media Manager as they are when using XAMPP (Win 10) or MAMP (Mac). I did find out (by trial and error ) that I had to enable the php_curl.dll in order to install any themes or plugins so started going through that list of PHP extensions to see if one would "click". No luck Just to check it out, I tried doing the same thing using Zero 11.1.2 and all works as expected; the template is loaded along with the images, and the images are in the Media Library. Any insights you may have on this will be greatly appreciated as I am quite active on both the Elementor and GeneratePress (theme) Facebook Groups where there often are discussions about the "best" local server and I would really like to chime in with Uniform Server, but this hiccup is a deal-breaker. https://wordpress.org/plugins/elementor Cheers! Lyle
  4. Hi Ric, Just updated my profile here an noticed that the highest version of Windows in the dropdown is 8.0. Perhaps you could add 8.1 and 10 at some point in the future Cheers! Lyle
  5. Hi W16, Just go ahead and download the latest; you have nothing to lose! If it doesn't work, delete the folder and try a lower version. I have been using Uniform Server since back in the 'Mona' and 'Nano' version days, and I do believe I was running XP SP2 or SP3 then and all was just fine So if the latest doesn't do the trick, try one of the Mona, Nano or Coral versions available on the download site here; note the date of the release to see if it coincides with the date of your OS version: http://sourceforge.net/projects/miniserver/files/Uniform%20Server/ As US does not 'install' (it is just a self-extracting archive) just go ahead and try one of the versions and see if it works Cheers! Lyle
  6. Hi Ric, With the latest two 12.x versions of US with PHP 7.x, the Genesis child theme Dynamik Website Builder fails to activate. Works fine on all previous US versions without PHP 7.x. One of the more adept members on the DWB Forum tracked it down to adding the following to the httpd.conf file: http://cobaltapps.com/forum/forum/main-category/web-design-talk/84347-somebody-on-php-7-already-experiences-so-far?p=85053#post85053 IfModule mpm_winnt_module> ThreadStackSize 8888888 IfModule> Restart Apache after adding this to the end of the file allows DWB to activate and work normally. Perhaps this could be added to the next version of US Cheers! Lyle
  7. Lyle


    The way I do it is to this is: - move the old version to a different location - install the new version in the EXACT location where the old one was (to maintain the correct paths) - copy the site files from the old version www folder to the new version www folder - export the databases from the old version and import them into the new version
  8. It is! /UniServerZ/docs/manual/index.html
  9. 1. If it's a default Win 10 Home / Pro version, WWW Publishing will be in the Services list, near the bottom ... see screenshot 2. The devs do have the option built in to change the ports From the UniController (Note - Apache must be stopped to make the change): Apache > Change Apache Ports > Change Apache Port > enter port number > click OK 3. See my last reply in this thread: http://forum.uniformserver.com/index.php?showtopic=3087&hl=
  10. Hi XFS, As you mention IIS, the World Wide Web Publishing Service is more than likely the culprit. This is one way to get to where you can remedy the situation: Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services > scroll to the bottom and right click on World Wide Web Publishing Service > select Properties - click Stop - in Startup type: select Manual - click Apply and then OK Cheers! Lyle
  11. I'll agree the Wiki start page can be a bit confusing, however you will note that the links you followed were under the heading "The Uniform Server Development Status", which is a reverse chronological listing of the various versions. The heading on the right states "In the Wiki news- Current ZeroXI Production Version is The Uniform Server 11.7.8-ZeroXI, released July 12, 2015". Although as you mention one can access the documentation from the UniController, it can also be found in \UniServerZ\docs\manual\index.html. Having the wiki a bit more organized and perhaps up to date would be nice, but one has to keep in mind that this is all provided by volunteers who charge nothing for their products and services. The actual documentation is current for each version and personally, I prefer that the package is updated as a priority Cheers! Lyle
  12. A quick video on how to install Uniform Server Zero 11.7.8 on a Windows 7 Home Premium system. https://youtu.be/CllEWpSkl6Q
  13. UPDATE: Found it! It's in us_config.ini which is located in \UniServer\home\us_config Change this: [GENERAL] ;Nag_user at start-up e.g change MySQL password ; Nag_user=true ; To this: [GENERAL] ;Nag_user at start-up e.g change MySQL password ; Nag_user=false ; Save and restart UniController.
  14. I'm certain that I came across a setting somewhere where one could turn off that prompt, but I'll be darned if I can find it again In the meantime, what I do is one of two things: 1) just cancel the prompt and carry on or 2) create a new password ONCE and get it over with Cheers! Lyle
  15. Couple things to try: - download again - try extracting to C:\
  16. Not familiar with that sort of set up. I do have a US install on a USB stick that runs at about the same speed as on C:\ Sorry I can't be of more assistance.
  17. I didn't mean to imply that it WAS Skype, just that "chances are good" that is was, as Skype is the overwhelming cause of port conflicts. As you do not have Skype, then there is something else on your system that is using the port. Do you have IIS running? That is another possibility. These are the only two that I can think of at the moment.
  18. Skype uses both port 80 and 443, so chances are good that this is the issue. Here is a link that shows you how to disable Skype from listening on these ports: http://www.mydigitallife.info/disable-skype-from-using-opening-and-listening-on-port-80-and-443-on-local-computer/ For your second question, start the Windows Task Manager, select Processes and look for the unicontroller process; select it and select End Process. Cheers! Lyle
  19. As the title says, this just started happening on 11.6.1 this morning. It was working fine last night. Shut down both servers and closed UniController. Started this morning and went to add a new db and got the error in the screenshot. In addition, this same thing started happening on 11.6.0 about a week ago. Tried a few things but no joy. Oh well, 11.6.1 is out so just use that. But then I tried on another computer with 11.6.0 and now THAT one is throwing the same error! There is something else afoot here These were all installs that had been working perfectly. Just plain old WP sites getting set up; no fancy stuff, just basic sites. I thought it was just limited to 11.6.0 but now that the same thing started today with 11.6.1, I'm going to have to wait to get a 'fix' in order to continue with US. I have a number of 'how to' vids to create using a local server and want to promote US as it has been my go-to package from the Mona days. But I can't recommend it now with this random 'thing' happening. All my anti virus and malware apps come up clean for any 'issues' and I am extremely careful about where I go and what I click on. And as this is now going across 2 machines that are never in contact with each other (not even file transfers with a USB stick or otherwise), I am stumped ... doesn't take much
  20. Hi Ric, Thanks for taking a look and it would appear that I should have performed more extensive testing This 'phenomenon' seems to be confined to my desktop system (Win 7 Home Premium), all browsers. However, on my two laptops (a Lenovo running Win 7 Home Premium and a MacBook Pro running Win 8.1 in Boot Camp) installing WP 4.1 in the latest US 11.6.0 works perfectly with both localhost and Hope you have a great holiday season! Cheers! Lyle
  21. I have been meaning to do some testing on this issue since I first noticed it 'way back' and have just now done so. The main reason for wanting to get a resolution to this now is because I am putting together some YouTube tutorials on installing WordPress locally and so want to use Uniform Server, but I am having a difficult time deciding to do so with the current situation. For personal use, this is no problem as after one does get to the log in, all works fine. Issue: - when installing WordPress, the normal sequence of events after the last step of the installation, when the 'Install WordPress' button is clicked, is that almost instantly, the 'Success' page is displayed along with the log in link. - however, on all versions of Zero tested subsequent to 11.1.3, after the above-noted button is clicked, there is a wait of ~ 40 seconds before a page is displayed with only the WordPress logo and a horizontal rule. - the only way to get to the log in is to either reload the page and accept the error message or manually delete the URL up to 'localhost/wordpress/wp-admin' Versions tested were: 10.1.2 11.0.8 11.1.2 11.1.3 11.1.4 11.1.6 11.1.8 11.3.1 11.4.1 11.5.1 11.5.2 11.6.0 The only ones that "worked" were: 10.1.2 11.0.8 11.1.2 11.1.3 The only conclusion that I can come to is that something changed after 11.1.3 that is now making Zero behave in this fashion with WordPress installations. It should be noted that all tests were done using a fresh download of the current WordPress 4.0.1. Additionally, another script, eFront, installed 'as it normally does' on 11.6.0. Any insights will be greatly appreciated Cheers! Lyle
  22. Did you try turning off Zone Alarm temporarily? 11.4.1 runs fine on my Win 8.1 Pro
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