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    PHP4 with CURL?

    If you pick up the PHP4 package (same version you're using) from php.net - http://dk2.php.net/get/php-4.3.11-Win32.zip/from/a/mirror - and in this file, find php-4.3.11-Win32.zip\php-4.3.11-Win32\extensions\php_curl.dll and copy this to your W:\usr\local\Php\extensions\ folder, you'll have curl available in PHP AFAIK. Last step is enabling it in php.ini - just find the line ;extension=php_curl.dll in W:\usr\local\Php\php.ini and remove the leading ; (comment-tag). Restart Apache, and curl should work. I hope. And version # fixed to 4.3.11 Olajide
  2. elyk, if theres anything you don't get at the danish site, just tell me and I'll translate Hmm gotta admit that whatismyip is darn fast thou.
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  4. You can always check your 'external' IP number by going to http://myip.dk - I use a DynDNS service to point users to my local webserver.
  5. I hate tabs and definitely prefer the classic theme instead of the Teletubbies-colored one Very cool bg pic Kdaddy - I prefer my own deepspace collection, but nature pics like that rocks too.
  6. Cookie dom├Žne : (nothing) Cookie navn : vanillatest Cookie adresse : / Cookie sikkerhed [ https ] Off Session length [ 3600 ] Definitely fix the name. If thats the name on your live board too, you should change that too (and not to the same). All browsers I know have problems with this - I'm fighting a brave fight when I install new boards too, I usually just fix it via phpMyAdmin.
  7. I hope you're not using one of the hosting companies who even removed the backup function in admin panel. Those are probably one of the reasons there are so many hacking schemes out there trying to get phpBB. If you can get a database backup, you should be pretty much home safe - the files cn be rebuilt, the users and posts can't.
  8. Jeane Paul, please also check the actual contents of that file - maybe those lines are *in* the file? It looks like an error report from a Unix to me (var/www/pma/...) - this could be a problem in the export itself I guess.
  9. You sure all files placed where they should be? And I was talking cookie name. if several forums have same cookie names, the cookie files gets messed up. My local test forums has cookies names like 'toodelidoo' and 'vanillatest'.It does stay at the right site?
  10. OK lets see... Now, a major concern that I cannot help you with: mailserver. You can run a forum for 600 members on UniServer, but you have to install some kind of mailserver too, to let phpBB send mails such as welcome mails, notifications and mass mails. Olajide can probably help you there. I myself only use my homeserver for testing purposes, and don't want a mailserver running - no need. To move your forums to your UniServer - for publishing or development purposes - you'd follow these steps: 1) Copy all files from your website via FTP to your PC in your backup folder. 2) Make a database backup via phpmyadmin (log into phpmyadmin -> click db name in left pane -> click Export tab in right side -> put a mark in Send -> Go, and save file) again just to where you keep your normal backups. 3) Start UniServer, go to phpMyAdmin thru Admin Panel, and make a new DB. 4) Copy your forum files to W:\www\ and open config.php there. Set: $dbhost = 'localhost'; $dbname = 'THEDATABASENAMEYOUMADE'; $dbuser = 'root'; $dbpasswd = 'root'; (you guess 1 time at what text to change in the above) and save and close the file. 5) Now this is a little tricky... You must restore your database into the one you made in phpMyAdmin. Make a copy of your database backup - I assumed its not packed, if so I suggest unpacking it. If its larger than a few MB, you may very well have to split it into smaller pieces to import. It's fairly easy, if tedious, to split a large .SQL file up in chunks of about 5000-10000 lines a piece. I use context - http://context.cx - for all my notepaddish editing and programming needs. In phpMyAdmin open the database (click left side) and select the SQL tab. here you can Browse to the file(s) and import (them all in order). 6) Last task: fix server name in DB. Still in phpMyAdmin click your phpbb_config table in left side, Browse in right side and find the field server_name (may be several pages forward) - edit the value of the domain name there to your new home domain - if only for testing, localhost will do. Phew, thats how! Open http://localhost/index.php and see everything moved!
  11. If needed server-wide: I'd say in W:\usr\local\apache2\conf\httpd.conf Find: AddType application/x-httpd-php .phtml .php3 .php Edit line to read AddType application/x-httpd-php .phtml .php3 .php .html .htm If needed in one or more folders: Use gopo's method, add them via .htaccess But I need to point out the security risk associated with this method! Any upload script should probably be updated to see the newly defined files as executables too, and treat them with the same care as .php files are given. Most to me known PHP upload systems see .html files as a kind of documents, and that may be dangerous.
  12. Usually that is a cookie problem. Try changing the local forums cookie name?
  13. I think its a matter of uncommenting # feel free to uncoment next two lines to have anabled dav-fs and gzip output compression. #LoadModule dav_module modules/mod_dav.so #LoadModule deflate_module modules/mod_deflate.so into # feel free to uncoment next two lines to have anabled dav-fs and gzip output compression. LoadModule dav_module modules/mod_dav.so LoadModule deflate_module modules/mod_deflate.so
  14. Ah, 1 little note - you'll need the PHP4 plugin too, as all other developer systems UniServer has moved to the PHP5 platform. phpBB does not support PHP5 yet - that won't fully happen till next version is released. But indeed, uniserver is excellent for running a development copy (or 5) of your live forum(s) or website(s) - I do that with mine.
  15. I voted zip - but actually I couldn't care much less if it was zip, rar, ace, bz2 or gz. Or for that matter some SFX format. It's just that Zip is the most widely-used archive type so it's pretty much guaranteed that everyone can unpack'em. Greatest disadvantage by distributing as SFX, MSI or any other .exe-fileformat is that the files can easier get infected by virus and stuff like that. I'd certainly prefer that a zip (not 7zip) was put out too. Ofcourse there should be an installable version too. Just not my personal preference.
  16. http://www.thesitewizard.com/news/coderediiworm.shtml Its CodeRed worm attacks.
  17. Except for the file name it rather looks like the Santy-worm that attacks phpBB boards - my guess is that those are hacking attempts, from either an actual hacker or from hacked PCs.
  18. Glad you got it working - sorry, has been busy with other stuff so didn't come by this forum. I always do all my backups via phpMyAdmin, so I didn't even think of that. My bad.
  19. hmm you *did* remember to change the info in the config.php file? If not, your local version could be running on your online database... be very careful you don't mess them up
  20. Thats the one that caused me grief... View New Posts. Seems to work today thou, so let's give it a chance and see. Also, I really think you should reconsider your Validate links from the main page - I have yet to see a page that validates in any of the validators, both main pages and the Blog.
  21. Got the problem that all posts on this forum turns up as unread every time I log in.
  22. Hmm I'm quite certain that those 2 values are the only ones you need to change, unless you've made significant changes to the phpBB login or admin system - if you log out and in again in phpBB, it should certainly work.
  23. The problem with it jumping to your live board is easily solved. Open phpMyAdmin, open table phpbb_config (or whatever prefix you're using) and Browse it. Find field 'server_name' and change its value to 'localhost'. Find field 'script_path' and change that value to the path you're using in the www-folder. Thats it!
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