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  1. Unfortunately, I am using one of these freeboard that who has removed this backup functionnality from the admin panel , this is also one of the reasons I'd like to move out... I'll see, I hope I will not be stuck overthere ... Olivier
  2. Thank you for all that . I'll try it as soon as my BordHost will give me my backups ... Olivier
  3. Hy, thank you for the responses. I do not prefer PHPBB, but I am looking for something free and easy to maintain. Moreover, the support site of Alley is in Danish ... So let's start the tutorial . I did dowload your last release, now where should I start. I can PM you my current board address if you want to have a look... Olivier
  4. OK, since I am to be considered as a newby , where should I start . Because I see that here we are under "Invision board" ... Thank you. Olivier
  5. Hello, not very sure where to place my topic . I am currently running a free forum based on PhPbb (more than 600 members). The hosting does not allow me enough flexibilty :angry: so I do envisage to move away . Does Uniformserver offer a solution for forum creation and maintenance? Thank you.
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