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uniform server and php nuke


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Well, am kind of not understanding the problem... what is wrong, if there is no error....

Sorry to be unclear.

The problem is I get a blank browser for nule/index.php and admin.php

I have errors enabled in the config.php(nuke) and php.ini.No errors show.

It is a problem with php nuke and therefore probably not specific to the forum, but I wondered wheteher anyone else had successfully installed php-nuke as I thought the problem might be where I had placed my files(html files in diskw/www/nuke/.

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Yeah, thats where files are suppose to be. Did you ask in the php-nuke forum?


Yes I am trying the nuke forum.

i have established that the index file is read and it calls the main file, which seems to have all the checks and config links. Somehwere in here in goes astray. What I dont understand is why no errors.

Anyway, thanks for your help and I will plod on trying to find where it goes astray.


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