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Need to access files on a different drive...


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Hi everyone - happy new year!


I am replacing a PC webserver for a local business who were operating a Mambo site but I'm running into a small issue....


The previous IT guy has done some very weird stuff so to save some time I have used Uniform server. Getting the Mambo site up and running took almost 5 minutes :D but I have hit a snag! :lol:


The website serves up documents (PDFs) that are located on their network but are not within the scope of the W drive or the webroot so I need to invoke some kind of alias or redirection but I just can't make it work.


I found a post on the web suggesting that I map a network drive i.e. G: to the folder on the workstation containing the files and then access them using an alias entry as below but for testing purposes I have tried using the root of the local C drive:


The virtual host part is working great but the redirect / alias is driving me nuts!


An example of a link is "http://office.english-mutual.co.uk/files/EMW.pdf"



<VirtualHost *>

ServerName office.english-mutual.co.uk

ServerAlias english-mutual.co.uk *.english-mutual.co.uk


DocumentRoot /www/Intranet/html


#<Directory "/www/Intranet/html">

#Allow from all

#Options +Indexes

#Options Indexes FollowSymLinks ExecCGI



Alias /files/ "C:/"

<Directory "C:/">

Options Indexes Includes

AllowOverride All

Order allow,deny

Allow from all



ServerAdmin webmaster@english-mutual.co.uk

ErrorLog logs/english-mutual.co.uk.com-error_log

CustomLog logs/english-mutual.co.uk.com-access_log common




Regards, Adam

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:lol: Wow, if you think you took a short cut.. lol... all that is not needed. You can get the files by using alias itself... something like this should work:


Alias /cfiles/ "C:\"
<Directory "C:\">
Options Indexes Includes
AllowOverride All
Order allow, deny
Allow from all


Notice the C:'\' That \ matters cause it goes a different way for Windows.... / is for *nix based.

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A, I did not say put it in a virtual host, just put it in the conf file around where the other alias are... that would be better.


B, notice the change, the address is now cfile not file....

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Sorry if I confused you....


a) I did notice the change for /CFile/ and changed it back in my copy


:lol: I tried adding the code within the virtualhost section but, when that didn't work, I moved it outside to the bottom of the .conf file. I didn't think positioning would make any difference as there were no obvious enclosure statements around the other alias entries.

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If you are trying to use virtual host, you have to search the forum and look at every post that deals with virtual host. Some methods dont work and some do on some PC and some codes needs to be added sometimes....


Good Luck.



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