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wrong versions at source forge? where is 3.2?


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I have downloaded from sever sourceforge mirrors and have not gotten the version of uniformserver that is show in those nice screenshots at the front door. Also the version number in the sourceforge downloads is 3.2 but the content version number is 3.1.1.


The project status shows 90% of 3.3 as being done so i assume there actually is a 3.2 version. The question is where is it?

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lol... where is 3.2 :) :D :P :)


To expain it all to you carl, the thing is 3.1.1 is 3.2 :lol: The screenshots you see are of Admin Panel 1.0 which will be a plugin released soon after Admin Panel 2.0 is released with Version 3.3


I started working on the Admin Panel 1.0 about a year ago and finished it. Only some Beta Testers have it and some other friends but it is not released. After finishing it i got bored and started Admin Panel 2.0 and now i have also finished that but no one, not even Taras, has a copy yet because i am finalizing everything before sending it to him...


Currently i am awaiting a email that wll say that the process32 bugs has been fixed and then we will be able to release 3.3 but i pray it be soon cause i cannot wait any longer.. it has been a year snce the last release and that is because of that darn bug :)


Anyways, wait a month and see what happens.


Admin Panel 2.0 info can be found at the blog here.

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