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mysqli functions


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Firstly, I'm amazed that I've found such a compact, contained server, well done! :P. I can think of many useful ways to use it. However, I'm currently struggling with enabling mysqli functions.


I have added "extension=php_mysqli.dll" to the php.ini file and have copied a php_mysqli.dll file (from a XAMPP installation) to the UniServer3_2\diskw\usr\local\Php\extensions folder.


Now, when I start apache I get the following message:

"The procedure entry point php_sprintf could not be located in the dynamic link library php5ts.dll."


Once clicking 'OK' to that message, I get the following warning:

"PHP Startup: Unable to load dynamic link library '/usr/local/PHP/extensions\php_mysqli.dll' - The specified procedure could not be found."


If anybody could help me enable mysqli functions I'd really appreciate it :)

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Don't do that! First you have to make sure if the extension is equal to the version of PHP on the Uniform Server. Those extensions won't work unless they are made for PHP 5.0.0 which is what is on 3.2.


And again why the long path... all it nees is this in the extention part of the PHP.ini file


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Ah, I see! Not sure what you meant by "why the long path", I was merely showing the absolute path to the extensions folder I placed the php_mysqli.dll file (there might be another 'extensions' folder in the hierarchy for all I know).


So let me recap, I've modified the php.ini file correctly by adding "extension=php_mysqli.dll", now all I have to do is find the php_mysqli.dll file for version 5.0.0 right?......where might I find that then?


Thanx for help so far :P

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No comments about the long path.. Olajide hasn't been reading things again :P


Just a warning, PHP5 included with Uniform Server 3.2 is not the latest version but the latest version of PHP4 is available for downloads as a Uniform Server plugin :D


Anyway, you can find php_mysqli.dll for your version of PHP here: http://us2.php.net/get/php-5.0.0-Win32.zip/from/a/mirror :)

Edited by MrX
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I think you have a problem MrX.. what are u saying. To let you know, i am back but still in the same mood :P And i did read his post right unlike the other guys which was the one and only...


It says it in the PHP Error! :)


Also, why are you talking about PHP4... all he needs is the PHP5 version :D


By the way, stop sending me notes and use the nickserver pm because i do not always login to UniIRCBot but i do for the nickserver... :)

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Chill out guys, wires are gettin crossed here. I take it Olaj was referring to the long path in the error message. It's just giving the absolute path to the extension, I haven't added that path in any config file.


Anyway, I have now downloaded php-5.0.0 and put php_mysqli.dll in the extensions folder only to get an error message saying it required libmysqli.dll.


Had a quick look in the root of my freshly downloaded php-5.0.0 folder, and there it was grinning back at me :P


One copy-paste later and everything is up and running, so a big thanx to Olaj and MrX for their help!!

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