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Can I use Uniform Server for profit ?


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I've used a computer for 3 years and now I using an 80GB Sata mirror array as my home computer .

I read about HTML code 3 days ago and I have written 5 very small webpages that I can view in Internet Explorer 7 . I got the idea I could have a website hosted but now I have been told about Uniform Server . I haven't used a server before , I've only downloaded from FTP webpages but I would like to try to earn some money from a hosted website whether I host it with Uniform Server or I pay for a website host .

HTML is a wee bit exciting !

Am I allowed to use Uniform Server to earn money for myself ?

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If it is to host people, then yes you can. But if it is to make a product and pack it with the product, the Uniform Server part has to be free and you have to give credit. But if it is to host as you said, then yes you can :) A lot of people do.

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I had to reply to this because you seemed surprised. Microsoft always included a server with its previous OS’s however with the release of XP Home for some strange reason (money) did not include a server.


I personally believe this was an excellent move not for Microsoft but for the Internet community as a whole. It has spawned a whole new generation of Apache and MySQL users the knock on effect, these users can now run other open source software, all at no additional cost. Interestingly when you go searching for other open source material it will suddenly dawn on you that Microsoft is not the only player in town. Open office is a classic example ported from the Linux community it is free and an ideal replacement for Microsoft Office.


My point, I think Microsoft is great; it has given you all the tools necessary to explore the world of Unix (Linux) when you make the transition you will already be familiar with the software that can be run including Apache and MySQL. If you had taken the XP professional route the chances are you would have blindly become locked into the Microsoft world of software.


I believe at long last NIX will have its heyday not because it is more stable or virus resistant but because of pure economics. I think this sums it up nicely Asta La Vista Baby a credit to the promotional team for choosing such an appropriate name. Next year we see the introduction of Vista I can’t wait for the sale of old specked machines with 1G RAM.


I like many XP Home users were conned when I downgraded from Win 95 to discover no integrated server capability (that’s why I used the term downgraded). An upgrade would give you more of what you have.


Vista is following the same path think long and hard about your requirements and prepare for considerable hardware upgrades alternatively keep your old hardware and make a serious upgrade to Linux.


I applogise for my little rant, yes you can run UniServer on Windows XP Home I do and have no problems. The following page is worth a read





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Have I got this right - I can have the Uniform Server running in Windows XP Home Edition and host my own website ?


Sure you can install it and run it on your windows machine for commerical use in absolutly free. Its under BSD License. Read there http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BSD_license

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Hi there, I'm new to the board :D


I want to code a PHP-based application, but it has to be stickware and work on demand. That is why I chose Uniform Server, it is so easy.

But I will make profit with the application itself (basically the .php I write).


If I provide Uniform Server on the USB stick, give credit to it and don't charge the customer for it, can I use it for my .php application?


I did not fully understand olajideolaoloruns answer, sorry :lol:



Thanks in advance!

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You can put it in the stickware, and as you know you have to give credit. What i was saying is that you just can't charge for the Uniform Server part of it... just your app and anything else.

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