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other ppl can not access my files on my server


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hi ive just started uniserver and put in some folders in the www folder and i can access them froom my localhost, however when i try using the machine's ip address or from another computer, access is denied and if i view the server logs i can see this message:


[Thu Dec 14 19:08:47 2006] [error] [client] client denied by server configuration: W:/www/photos



How can i fix this?


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It's probably because of W:\www\.htaccess, which you'll have to edit to allow others to access your server. Some information on how to do that may be found here.


But if you want a quick fix, just delete that file or rename it to something else. It shouldn't hurt as it only does two things as far as I can see -- prevent others from accessing your server (before it's ready to be accessed) and to enable the execution of CGI scripts for your whole HTTP document root (which you should disable unless you really need it) :)

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