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To be on the safe side, we have made a few modifications to the forum:


First, we disallowed guest posts. We are sorry if you feel annoyed by this, but we had to. This was not done because we want everyone to register but just to be on the safe side and know who is who and also who is posting what. The purpose of using this forum rather than the SF forum is because of the new advance features, and we want to be able to know who is asking what so that we can help you faster without problems.


We promise that you would not need to register for anything else on the Uniform Server website (well, unless things change according to the plan.) The member database would be used as the main member database for all other things we do, and since you don't need to re-register for anything, you do not need to worry.


The member database will also be used for the new Beta Center coming up for Beta Testers and all other things we have planned.


Thanks and sorry for the inconvinence.

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