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Images in my pages aren't showing the full image.

Mr. Wicked

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When I view the images through my folder, it is complete, but when I view it through the webpage on my server thing, part of the pic is cut off, even if I right click & view image, the full pic isn't there. I tried looking at it on all browsers & looked at it through both computers, still the same.


For example, this is one of the pics:



When I view it through the server, it looks like this:



All my pics are like that. If I link the image from a different host like Image Shack or FileDen, the full pic would show, but not from my server.

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Dang, I wish it would stop doing that. I'm using imageshack to host my pics, yet I can't really keep track of all of them since they tend to delete pics. I'm still trying to figure out what the problem could be. So far people were able to download video & audio files, but images don't come out right.

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