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Basic SMTP server


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I like alternatives in particular any program that does not bore into my PCs registry and give me grief when trying to remove artefacts left over after uninstalling. As for mail servers Mercury is a nice one to play with it has been stable for a long time more importantly like UniServer you can break it to your hearts content without destroying your PC instalation. I have published a little guide for using it as a basic SMTP server allowing newcomers to have a play with the PHP mail function and to give them sleepless nights trying to get it to work. All the best and have fun. :)

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Very, very nice site Ric, great job.


Only thing I didn't quite find in there was what to change in the default US setup to have it working with mail, but that may be because no changes are needed. :)


I'm currently trying to make US cooperate with an ArgoSoft mailserver.

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Thanks for the feedback. In the guide I mentioned US default installation, reason for this, you never know what a user has changed. From this reference point there are no changes required to US to get the SMTP server working.


When I have time I intend to expand on this installation to cover POP within an intranet enviroment and then a full-blown end-to-end mail server.

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Hi AlleyCat


Well they say you learn something new everyday, it never entered my head to test the SMTP server with Outlook. However I gave it a bash (note: no need to run US for this test) and found no problems (OK it had a whinge when trying to download email, no surprises there because a POP server is not installed. Disable this see set-up below)


For the test I set-up a standard mail account:

General Tab:

Mail Account: localhost

Name: fred (whatever you like)

Orgaization: Blank

E-mail address: Just supply your real email address

Reply address: blank

Make sure you un-tick the box include this account when receiving mail


Servers Tab:

My incoming mail server is a POP3 (leave as is)

Incoming mail (POP3): localhost

Outgoing mail (SMTP); localhost

Account name: fred (or what ever)

All other fields set to blank and check boxes un-checked


Most of the above is not required it just stops Outlook set-up having a moan.


Send a few test messages to your mail address (ISP account) using the localhost account that you just set-up. You should be able to read these messages via your ISP POP account (may have to wait several minutes).


The above is for anyone reading this thread and needs to know what to set in Outlook. :)


Anyway back to the problem.

Only port 25 is used since we are using SMTP when POP is installed 110 will be required.


However you mention webmail on port 81 this could be a pointer to your problem. I am not sure as to the significance of this. :)

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