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Problems with Uniform server plugin The UniTray


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I just installed the Unifrom server and the unitray plugin.

Got the PHP test page working.

When i right click on the unitray icon and go the Mysql and Apache the options to stop, start, pauze and restart are grayed out.

And when I hover over the icon it says none of 2 services running, while I can access phpmyadmin and run mysql server from the uniform server admin page ??


Why is this ?

What am I doing wrong or what did i forget?

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A. I have moved your topic to the right forum and UniTray is a plugin.


B. Read This: http://forum.uniformserver.com/index.php?showtopic=49


C. The MySQL and Apache sub section of the UniTray Plugin is for Services. It is grayed out because Uniform Server is not installed as a service on your PC.


D. We are currently working on it and will be adding the MySQL start and stop part on the next release.

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I've got another question.

In the unitray menu there's an option under Apache and Mysql to start the command prompt.When i try to start them I get an error.


Could not execute menu item (internal error)

[Exception] Could not execute run action:

The folder name is invalid


Is this because I haven't installed them as services ?

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As i said, the UniTray Plugin was only made for Uniform Server 3.3 which is coming soon but because of request we had to release it and we may have forgot to downgrade some areas of the plugin.


As of the command prompt, that one is suppose to work since it uses windows. We will try and resolve all this by the next release.



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Hello there...


I have the same issue.

I do have the uniformserver 3.3 but I have excepton errors as well when using UnyTray.

Any ideas???




Ok forget about it...

I've check the UniTray.ini file and the name of the .bat (Start.bat) to start the server was not the same as the default name ( Server_Start.bat )

I changed the name and it's fine...


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Just for reference, there are a few other minor things that need changing in UniTray.ini take a look at the link below.




What I like about UniTray, it is not UniServer specific, by that I mean you can use it to run other programs. In keeping with UniServer you can hack it around for your own use. If you break it just load a fresh copy and start again.



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