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LAN Operation - question


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I have a small peer to peer network in my office.


I have set up Uniform server with Joomla distribution, and it works excellent. I found some nice messaging components for Joomla, and wanted them up and running to use it in our LAN.


Idea is that users open browser type the http://IP and see portal (joomla in this case).


Before I can experiment further I have serious problem with URL's.


Uniform is up and running @ my machine. When I sit on another machine in LAN and type in browser following address: portal opens up very nicely.


Here is the problem. When user clicks any link, it gives error "The page cannot be displayed". I was trying to find the problem and I did.



1. User goes to -- > it works

2. User wants to click search link (correct URL is etc...

3. The URL on the user PC changes to http://localhost/index.php?option=com etc...


And of course that does not exist



How can I solve this?


I really hope I was not confusing...


Thank you very much.

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I have detailed installation of Joomla on this page:


This was purely for local testing however it is easy to change the default installation to run on a local network.


Open the Joomla configuration file “configuration.php” located in folder:




Locate the line (tenth line)


$mosConfig_live_site = 'http://localhost/joomla';


and change it to this:


$mosConfig_live_site = '';


The file looks similar to this depending on your own installation will vary slightly however it is that line you need to change.


$mosConfig_offline = '0';
$mosConfig_host = 'localhost';
$mosConfig_user = 'root';
$mosConfig_password = 'root';
$mosConfig_db = 'joomla';
$mosConfig_dbprefix = 'jos_';
$mosConfig_lang = 'english';
$mosConfig_absolute_path = 'W:/www/joomla';
$mosConfig_live_site = 'http://[b][/b]/joomla';




Type into any of your local network PCs will now work including the page links.


Well I hope that resolves the problem

All the best

Mike :)

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