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Renaming W drive


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Well friend, this is your lucky day :angry:


Yes it is possible to rename the drive letter from W:/ to another. There used to be a vbscript that does thjat but it was removed from 3.2.


To change the drive letter, you have to edit the Start.bat and rename where it says "W" to another letter. I believe it is a variable called disk... ;)

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That wasn't quite the answer to my question but it did answer another question :angry:

The problem is that I copied and started the uniform server from my C: drive called Windows XP and now the W: drive is also called Windows XP.

How do I change that. I can't get it to change to a different name

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The Uniform Server Drive is a SUBST drivbe and not a real drive! :P


It only uses the image of whatever drive it is on and that is why it has the same size and name as the drive it is installed on :angry:


Join us in the IRC Channel if u want by clicking Live IRC on top... ;)

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