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first php pages on wamp server… having issues…

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seems like I’m having some issues understanding this (and getting it to work properly)… i found this article: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/23665064/project-links-do-become-Salesforce-developer-not-work-on-wamp-server and tried to follow what was going on…

i created the pages as detailed, found some errors and fixed them (on last page of comments)

im trying to create a test web page where users wiil:

log in/get verified
allow some users to edit a mysql database on cars bought and sold at auctions
allow all users to see the mysql database records so they can review them…
now,this is NOT working right for me. First shot at programming php,mysql,java,html,etc. I’m really in the dark…

my first questions are,

all these .php files will go in the www folder?

when should/ do i make sub folders in the www folder?

(trying to understand php directory structure from the web page point of view)

any help appreciated. thanks

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