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USB installation/usage


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I've installed UniServer on my USB flash drive and it works fine, however...


I have a situation where I needed to do a demo on a public library network.

This fails because the network has restricted the use of batch (.bat) and command (.com)

files for security reasons. This is a serious problem since the UniServer uses batch

files to start services, etc.


I am currenly using a workaround (sorry about this...) using the 'other' WAMP server

whose name begins with "X....". It works in the above situation because it provides

and executable (.exe) file for control and configuration. Please note that this workaround

is less than satisfactory for several reason, not the least of which is the huge footprint

of the "X...." server on my USB drive (hundreds of Megs). "X...." is a beast.


My suggestion (request, plea, cry for help?) is that the development team at Uniserver

make an executable control program to start and administrate the various services.

Please note that this should not replace the use of batch files (I prefer this current method

of UniServer access and control). but this would address the problem I have outlined

above: demo's on "secure" systems where the user rights and restrictions cannot be

controlled by we, the programmers.

UniformServer 5.x, CodeIgniter, Gimp. What else could anyone want?

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