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PR-LV5150-2U-PRO Server Rack Battery 48V 51.2V 50Ah 2.5kWh

Andrew Sherman

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The PR-LV5150-2U-PRO is a 2.5kWh lithium battery module, meticulously crafted for 19-inch server racks, providing an efficient and reliable energy storage solution. This rack-mounted system is powered by 51.2V 50Ah prismatic LiFePO4 cells, paired with an intelligent BMS that ensures superior safety and performance. The module's design is not only optimized for space-saving installations but also offers real-time monitoring and remote data access capabilities, making it an ideal choice for server battery backup applications. Server Rack Battery 48V 51.2V 50Ah 2.5kWh

Suitable for a variety of uses, the PR-LV5150-2U-PRO is perfect for solar battery storage racks, where it can effectively store energy from the sun for both residential and commercial use. Its robust construction makes it well-suited for telecom battery racks, offering dependable backup power for communication equipment and infrastructure in remote locations. The module's lightweight and high-energy density characteristics also make it a preferred choice for heavy-duty battery racks, where it can provide stable power support in challenging environments.

In addition to its versatility, the PR-LV5150-2U-PRO offers quick recharge capabilities and low self-discharge rates, ensuring minimal downtime and increased productivity. Its compatibility with multiple inverter brands and long service life further enhance its utility, making it a cost-effective solution for long-term energy storage needs. The PR-LV5150-2U-PRO is a testament to the reliability and eco-friendliness of lithium battery technology, designed to meet the demands of modern energy management and power backup requirements.

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