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Uniform Server not working


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I have read the Uniform Server Introduction and Installing Uniform Server, I done the steps described there, but my Uniform Server it not working.


- if, I am opening an Explorer my letter W: is not there, for starting I used VBS file or BAT file

- if I am looking in Task Manager, I think should be runing programs like Apache.exe, mysql.exe, but is none

- when I am runing the Server_start.bat, will open a black window, and close it, no message (I suposse I should have a message like The server is working)

- after I am running again the same file, will open a browser with the Uniform Server icon, but, when I am trying Apanel I get the message - The Server Can Not Be Display


If somebody have any ideea what I have done wrong, or if you know the solution for this problem, please give me an answer.



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Thank you Megan,


I will check, probably is IIS.

Anyway, if the port 80 should stay with IIS, what other chance I have to use Uniform Server. I know I can use 8080, but where i should change this settings. It is somehow another solution.


Again Thank you,


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yes IIS is on port 80


If port 80 is already taken - If there is already a webserver active on port 80 you can switch uniform server to another port, for example 81. To exchange :80 for :81, edit Listen and ServerName settings in the httpd.conf file.


hth ~megan

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