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Installing/Running as Service - Problems


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Have been trying to install Uniform Server as a service using the "Service" plugin. Installation

appears to be successful but I am unable to access the Control Panel after this installation.


It appears I am suffering from the "Recursive Loop" problem. Have tried to install the recommended

patch on a new install and also tried the combined patch of Recursive Loop fix and Scrolling Control

Panel update.


Neither has fixed which is why I believe I may not be performing the initial service installation correctly.


Appreciate any advice or step by step instructions which could be offered.



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The service plugin included is kind of tricky and messy. what it does is that it copies over your entire server to a Fixed Location. That means that you server is not mobile anymore and cannot be moved around. I think it copies it to a folder like C:/UniServerX.X or something. After the script says its done, you dont need to be going to that first location anymore. You will be starting and stopping the server using the services command.


In Run: type services


Look for Apache and MySQL and those are the ones you now need to be starting an stopping.... or you can make it automatic.

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The Admin Panel (if that's what you're talking about) doesn't work properly when you install Uniform Server as a service, as it's only designed to work in the virtual drive (W:\, by default), which isn't created by the service plugin.


As far as I know (at the moment), there are two ways to solve this problem, by installing Server_Start.bat as a service (I've never tried this method but it could work, try using FireDaemon for this) or messing with the file paths in the Admin Panel.


Please do note that although my suggestions should work (theoretically speaking), I have no way of trying it out and haven't touched anything like this for about a year :)

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