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I am not sure what you require but if you type this into your browsers address bar: you will receive from your machine that test page (assuming the file is in folder www) is the standard IP address used for a loopback network connection that means your machine.


The same result can be obtained by typing in


http://localhost/test.html note localhost will be resolved to via your host file.


Note: is the most common address for localhost, however any IP address in the range 127.*.*.* can be used (see RFC 3330: Special-Use IPv4).


Hence the specific address is valid for a local loop back. So typing in


will bring up that test page.


However the default instalation of Uniserver will not allow this. Because the htaccess file contained in folder www restricts access to only to allow acess to either modify that line or add a new line to your htaccess file eg


# This file provides security to the server limiting access to the localhost only.

# Comment to deactivate.


Order Deny,Allow

Deny from all

Allow from

Allow from


Note: Deny from all ... means no one is allowed access


The next two lines allow access to IP address and all other IP addresses will be denied access.


With those changes and your port change the complete address to access the page will look like:


It would be interesting for others to know why you want to do this.

Have fun :rolleyes:

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Steps in detail:


1) Open Apache configuration file and change the listening port




Change the line: Listen 80 to Listen 8000


2) Open .htaccess




Change the IP access address from to


Order Deny,Allow

Deny from all

Allow from


This will allow you to run the test file as follows.


Note: Apanel will not display because re-direct needs forcing to port 8000 in addition admin htaccess file needs changing. I will cover this a little later.


3) Memorable name instead of using lets use fred:8000


The name “fred” needs resolving to achieve this add it to the hosts file:


C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\ hosts


The entry looks like this: fred


4) Open file redirect.html


UniServer3_3\Uniform_Server\diskw\home\admin\www\ redirect.html


Change the line:


window.setInterval("window.location = 'http://localhost/apanel/'", 500);




window.setInterval("window.location = 'http://fred:8000/apanel/'", 500);


If you re-run the servers you will receive a forbidden error message because you need to change the admin htaccess file:




Order Deny,Allow

Deny from all

Allow from


5) Recap


With the changes so far you can type the following to run your test page:








To make it slightly shorter use port 81 instead of 8000


You could force your browser to use another port say 8000 instead of 80 hence the above would reduce to fred/test.html. I have never seen this option on any browser that I have used hence you are forced to enter it manually.


Well that turned into a ramble hope some of it helped. I am sure to have missed something so be prepared to change some other files.



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