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Uniform Server on USB Flash Disk


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Thanks for the Uniform Server. Here is a post I made on the moodle site, http://moodle.org , after realising the potential to turn ordinary computers to powerful learning tools using the open source 'moodle' on Uniform Server:


"I tried a slightly different approach using 'Uniform Server 3.2' on a USB Flash Drive. With 'moodle 1.5 dev' (removed files for langauges other than English), the whole setup takes less than 40MB and can be accessed from intranet or internet with the following config file... " http://moodle.org/mod/forum/discuss.php?d=13413&parent=70019



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Seems like you have to register :unsure: May have to take a look at it later... not in the mod to fill out forms now :rolleyes:


Thanks ;)



Used the view as guest... :)

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