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I have a development machine at home, and another at work. Both are set up the same - Apache2/MySQL running as services, with a localhost and several virtual hosts for my various projects. I'm trying to get Uniform Server running on a USB key drive. Eventually I'll install a copy of ActiveCollab on it, so I can carry my project management notes & files with me.


My problem is that the services on the USB drive are conflicting with the existing services on my workstation(s). Is there a method I can use to run the Uniform Server versions along side my development servers?

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Sounds like a fun thing to do never tried this but I see no reason why you cannot have more than one instance of Apache running. Almost sure there will be a conflict with MySQL and PHPmyAdmin.


The conflict with Apache is easy to resolve run it on another listening port for example 8080. Let the development machines run on disk W and force USB version to run on disk X. The start bat on USB stick will attempt to kill off Apache so REM these lines out. The redirection for apanel needs to be changed to port 8080. I think that will get Apache working.


As for MySQL you can run more than one instance of this not sure of the details however it is irrelevant if you cannot get Apache working so try that first. :rolleyes:


It is a matter of taken it one step at a time. Well have fun.



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I agree that a non-configured Uniform Server would be smart for your specific application however think of the consequences. Anyone wishing to use UniformServer straight out of the box would need to configure it. All software comes pre-configured by virtue that defaults are used if none supplied. In this respect Uniform Server is no different hence default port 80 this is configurable in control panel.


Since you need to run two instances of UniServer at the same time, to prevent conflicts one of these require modification. If they do not need to coexist at the same time the problem does not arise you can switch one off before running the other?



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