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What is deadlock in Java? How can it be prevented?


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Deadlock in Java is in situations where two threads are locked indefinitely, waiting for one other to release the resources they require. This is typically the case when multiple threads gain a lock on resources in a manner that results in a circular dependency. For example, when Thread A has Lock 1 and tries to get Lock 2 while Thread B holds Lock 2 and tries to get Lock 1, a deadlock scenario occurs since neither can continue to move forward until the other has released its lock. Java Course in Pune

Preventing deadlock in Java involves several strategies. One method is to ensure that threads acquire locks in the same sequence. Thus circular dependencies are eliminated. Another option is to employ the timeout mechanism while acquiring locks. This allows threads to identify deadlock situations and take corrective actions like releasing the locks and then retrying after. Also using concurrency tools at a higher level that are provided by Java such as the java. util. concurrent package, which includes classes such as Executor, Concurrent Hash Map as well as Count Down Latch and can help you avoid common mistakes that can lead to deadlocks.

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