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Plugin Distribution


How do you want us to pack the plugins?  

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  1. 1. How do you want us to pack the plugins?

    • .7z
    • .exe (7-Zip SFX)
    • .exe (NSIS Installer)
    • .exe (WinRar SFX)

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Plugins will be packed into 2 available packages. The first one will be a .zip which is a must and no question, and the other one is what you are voting on.


Using the 7-Zip SFX, WinRAR SFX, and .7z means that you will have to install everything manually. Using the NSIS Installer on the other hand, allows us to make an automatic installer that will install the plugin for you automatically, though their might be some things you have to do manually, like for example: the java servlets plugin needs an Environmental Variable defined, you have to do that yourself.


There are other ways but these are the best methods i know off right now.


Please make a vote as every vote count. We need to know before April 20th at most because we want to pack up Tomcat, Resin, and ActivePython using the new one.


The .zip package will include a READ ME.txt that will instruct you on how to install the plugin, and so will the other SFX packages.



Please note that if you vote for .7z, you will have to install the 7-Zip software before you can uncompress it.

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Google: NSIS Installer or Nullsoft Installer.. :unsure:


It is an installation creator. The same that is used for Winamp and a lot of programs :rolleyes:

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It is true, NSIS is simple and fast. It is also a very good installer program.


Abotu 7z, it is funny how people voted for the .7z rather than the 7-Zip SFX which is what we currently use to pack the server.. :rolleyes:

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I voted for .7z package.

Yust like it that I can download the file, put it in the right place, 2 clicks with my right mousebutton and it extracts. And it is very small to.


Maybe the Nsis installer is the best way for everybody, but doesn't it take lots of time to configury before it extracts all the parts in the right place?

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Yes it is true that it does take a while when you plan on using the NSIS installer because you have to write the script for the installer, but it also makes it easy for you, users, to install things without the hastle of something wrong or you don't know where this go....


Also, for the .7z, it might be just the 2 clicks but you also have to download the 7-Zip. We never used .7z in anything we have released but just the 7z SFX which is what we use for the .exe package of the server. :unsure:


The NSIS Installer might take a while but i do think that it is worth it, along with the .zip package that is a must.


Also, you all do know that we do not really care about the size of the plguins right? If you don't know, now is a good time too because there are some plugins that are like 20MB just to download, like ActivePython and Tomcat 5 especially, and there is no way to shrink it without doing something wrong...


Just to let you all know...




BTW: Starting on the plugin scripts next week. Starting from the smaller plugins up... ;)

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