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X-CART 4.1.3


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My installation was 100%. The server is running fine but when I try to load x-cart (fresh install) in my local pc I got this message.


Step 3: Preparing to install X-Cart database


Fatal error: Can't connect to the MySQL server. Press 'BACK' button and check database info again.

Please correct the error(s) before proceeding to the next step.


I create a new database in phpMyAdmin, and I am using the same info to run x-cart.


Any ideas why I am getting this message? And how can I fix it.



Thanks so much!!!

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I have never used x-cart however because you have created a database using phpMyAdmin your servers a working fine.


I can only assume the problem is with setup information the defaults for MySQL are:


Host Name: localhost

MySQL User Name: root

MySQL Password: root


This link provides an example for joomla





Before going live do check out the security page at





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