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Anyone have info on the Zoop PHP Framework?


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Hello everyone,


I'm trying to install the Zoop framework on a Uniform Server install. So far it's not working. Very confusing PEAR requirements and arcane config files needing different paths defined.


I was just wondering if anyone was using it? If you are, how did you get it installed? And how is it working for you?


All comments are appreciated.



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Never used it and don't have it... but do you have PEAR installed on your Uniform Server?



Yeah, I have the required PEAR mods installed. That was no problem, and I've been dinking around with it somewhat. It's seems pretty cool, so far. I'm developing a small but non-trivial information system for my kids pre-school. I want to develop something that will have minimal maintenance requirements but will have security and other things built in.


I was primarily wondering about the ease of the development environment and the portability of the code when using Zoop framework. Or any suggestions for alternatives, hopefully free or open-source.

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