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Runtime error Line 15


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  • 2 weeks later...

I tracked this same error down yesterday, but cannot figure out how to fix it. :rolleyes:


The error actually appears when any link within Apanel 2.0 is clicked. I only notice the error icon in IE6 when the link opens in a new window - the error icon is not overwritten with the IE icon (on the status bar of the browser window. I hope that makes sense to someone other than me). If you run FireFox using htmltidy or turn on script debug in IE the error is easier to see.


I tracked it down to this file: diskw\home\admin\www\js\main.js

I have no idea what the purpose of this file is.


I was going to add it to Bugs, but haven't done it yet.






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I use Windows XP Home IE, FF and Opera and do not see this problem.


What OS are you using.


Just need some little pointers even to start looking at the problem.



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