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Awstats for Uniform Server 3.3


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I recently downloaded Uniform Server 3.3 and (with the assistance of the excellent Unicenter guide) had it running within minutes oon a USB memory stick.


It is an excellent package, *so* easy to install and the new admin panel makes configuration a no brainer, so a big THANKS to all involved in its development.


Having succesfully set up a test website I wanted to get stats on hits and found the awstats plugin in the wiki, but when I down loaded it and integrated its files in the relevant folders of US there still seems to be rather more configuration required.


Can anyone tell me


1. is the awstats plugin suitable for v3.3

2. if so, are there any instructions on how to install it?




BTW, I have seen a few references to using hMailServer with US. I would point out for anyone interested that while it is another great application (very easy to install and configure), it is *not* portable as it writes to the registry.


I believe that Pegasus mail is a suitable portable app, although I haven't tried it yet.

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I know about both... :D


About AwStats, there is a plugin in development by one of our users actually... and it will be included in the next version.

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Thanks olajideolaolorun.


I was hoping someone could provide me with more information about to *set up* the plugin. It does appear that all the necessary files are there but as I understand it there are two ways to configure awstats.


1. manually (eg insert host names and all other required parameters in the awstats.conf file)


2. run a perl script to autiomatically configure awstats. there are 2 problems with this - i dont know how to invoke a perl environment from windows within U.S, and the config script has not been included in the plugin.


I realise that the new plugin is in development, but am hoping that someone can point me in the right direction of how to make a start on this.


I was quite happy to download the awstats package and start from basics if necessary, but am not sure how to run the perl configuration script.


Hope this makes sense, and sorry about my eagerness... it seems a pity to have my new web server sitting there without being able to monitor what it is doing :D

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Ok, here is the information as posted by the user.... :D


Hi everyone,


I have an update to the AWstat plugin, it's tested by me on the 3.2a release.




All I have done is a updates to the latest version and changed the conf files similar to the 5.8 version.

To install just unpack in the plugin directory.

Now I want to check to see if the plugin also work for server version 3.3. So I need the UniServer3_3Beta2 file. It was earlier at sourceforge, but I can't find it anymore.


So if anyone have a link to where I can download the beta release plz tell me.



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I apologise if I am not making myself clear Olajide, but I am still lost :D




It may well be that the existing plugin available for download *does* work with v3.3

However I have not been able to find out how to configure it for use with MY host eg www.my.com


[Do I just rename awstats.model.conf to awstats.my.com.conf, and then edit the parameters in that file?]


Nor have I been able to find out how to start awstats once it is installed.




When I try to install awstats into the \diskw\home\admin\www\plugins\awstats folder the installer program tells me "The installer did not find any perl interpreter in your path. Awstats can't work without perl. "etc


Even assuming i get past that problem, I still will need to know how to *configure* and *start* awstats, as is the problem with option 1 also.


Does anyone have any advice on this?



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i did :D

and his reply didnt talk about configuration lol







Sorry I havn't checked with the latest release. Actually I didn't do much to the awstat plugin other than updated the config files.

You could do the same, I used WinMerge to compare the filesystem and then compared the config file.



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The conf file name should be awstats.localhost.conf, leave it where it is with awstats.pl


Edit, "DirCgi" and change it to the new path of the folder. Try puting it in /cgi-bin or /home/admin/www/cgi-bin/... The admin one is safest.


Also edit, "DirIcons" to the new path.


Now, test it....

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Thanks for your post Olajide, I realise that awstats is not one of your main interests.


Following your instructions,


1 I renamed awstats.conf to awstats.locahost.conf


2 In that file, I changed DirCGI="/home/admin/www/plugins/awstats-5.9" as I understand that DirCGI parameter should describe where the awstats.pl file resides


3 I also changed the DirIcons parameter to the same path


I'm unsure how to go about testing it from here. Should i go the http://localhost/awstats to start awstats?

Or is there a different way to run it?


Will it make any difference if I am using virtual hosts?

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