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I am a new memeber, just now I describe my problem of "testing server " didn't work in detail, but I got the error and my message disappeared. Now I only simply try again. Please help! I have followed all the guidance in uniCenter about how to set up the new site in dreamweaver, but testing server still didn't work!


if anyone do me a favor posting his/her detailed successful setting (as detailed as possible) walk me through the setting and make the testing server work, I will be very grateful! Many thanks in advance.




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JS again


My last post might scare away people - no time to do me that favor or some other reasons.


Now I am going to offer you some of my encounters(background info), any input even drop a line will be appreciated.


when I follow the Unicenter Uniserver 3.3 & Dreamweaver MX guidance, set a new site for PHP, I did the testing, but always said "can't find server; when I test what dreamweaver suggested: time test, error message like: http://localhost/tmpgquu2zow1.php can't find server. I didn't understand what TMP... thing.


also when I start the server: messaage window: the server is working on the disk W:\[http/], out of environment space. can't find\redirect.html' (or one of its components)I also didn't know if can do anything about this.


My PC is Windows ME aove 98 and below windows 2000, I thought it should not be the case, Uniserver said can be run in any Windows even Win95 and 98. And I install Uniform Server on D drive inside my dreamweaver folder, I have been taught that my root folder should be inside the dreamweaver, easier for dreamweaver to do things... and I try to make the W drive, but also fail...


I am very excited to try this version 3.3, but I got stuck in Testing Server, can't move on, I once tried virture host, but failing in evey trying.


If any one have any thoughts or any suggestion toward a step of my goal - past the testing Server and move on testing PHP and My SQL, databse driven web site, that will be very gateful. Now I can't pass this first step - testing server issue. Help!


Many thanks in advance.




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Search the forum for that "Out of Environment Space" Error. If you can't find it, search it on Google for the solution.




thank you so much for your reply.



I also guest that "Out of Environment Space" is the Key problem, when I create new site in dreamweaver, I follow all the instruction, excepte when selecting Testing Server, I couldn't follow "select Access from drop down menu to Local/Remote," my drip down menu only have Local/Network, so I have to choose that one"


Now I am wondering is my dreamweaver MX didn't update or my Windows Me PC didn't match their tutorial.


My work office have Windows XP, the question is I don't want to use my office computer to do my own things, but I will test something out, and follow your suggestion to find solution, if you can find anything useful, please let me know. I appreciate so much your response. I almost felt no hope and no people want to respond to me. Your are my first Angel!


Thank you so much!




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Confession time :D as you correctly pointed out there is no Local/Remote in the drop down menu this was a typo and appeared in several places. It should have been Local/Network I have corrected the offending pages.


Your MX installation I would think is OK however please note all my tests and images were produced on XP home edition. This does not suffer with “Out of Environment Space” The MX version I used was 6.1.


If you still have problems, I will try to test on a machine with your OS.


All the best :lol:

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Windows is the one causing the problem... You need to run a code, which i forgot to fix it.... Its Windows limitation on Enviromental Space on BAT files.

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