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Hi everybody,


i've a question that i could not answer using the uniform website...


i've played with uniform server & PHP programming for a lot, and now i'm getting serious... shortly i could start to write php web application for paying customers, and i will like to use uniform server as my "platform of choice"... of course i would ask no money for uniform server itself, explaining this very clearly in my bill, my ipothetic custome will pay only for my web application and the work to set up everything...


could i use uniform server for do this? These is any limitation? i've heard around that i could use UniServer but i must keep the php sourcecode in plaintext, instead i would masquerade it with some kind of software (i know what to use but i'm not doing ads :D


P.S.: sorry for my english, it's not my mothertongue :lol:


P.P.S.: of course in every web application i will put a "powered by Uniform Server" with a link to the site, it's the least that i can do to say "thanks!" :D

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Yea, but, not many people come on the forums, so, there isn't too much activity. You might want to try going to the IRC channel, and if you have to, just sit there for a few hours, unlike me, you probably have the time for it. :D

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Yes, you can... just as u said, as long as it says powered by Uniform Server... The license is in the docs folder in diskw folder....



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