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Apologies if I'm repeating previous questions but I'm getting very confused!

I've installed uniform server and would like to use it to run Joomla. I can get http://localhost/apanel/ and I have a local drive W but that seems to be about it - when I download files into the disk w. folder and try to look at them via http://localhost/newfilename - I get 404 not found for this URL.


Don't know if this makes a difference but I am behind Zonealarm. (I've allowed Port 80) and am also using an ADSL router. I see in a thread of June 24th you've advised someone to do a port forward on port 80. Should I be doing this as well? As part of port-forward my router asks for the fixed IP address of the computer device that data is being passed to. What do I put in there?


(Could I check whether it's the server or the files I'm trying to put in there by copying a webpage into Disk W folder? If so, what's the URL I should use? Sorry if this is all a bit confused - it probably doesn't look like it but I'm a lot more clued-up than I was about servers etc. - Mainly thanks to the patient people like yourselves who answer these sort of queries!)

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Firstly, the files should be placed in W:\www, everything there will be accessible via http://localhost/ :D


What're you using Uniform Server for? Are you trying to host a site, testing web software or making a local installation of another site you're administrating? Unless you're trying to host a site, you shouldn't allow outside access by doing a port forward.


I'm not good with routers (as I don't own one myself), but I think it probably wants the internal IP of your PC. Here's how to find out what that is, for Win 9x / ME, go to Run, type "winipcfg" and hit enter, for NT / 2k / XP / 2k3, open a Command Prompt and type "ipconfig". Paste the output here or in a private message :(


I hate to say this but if you're using ZoneAlarm, there are a few problems that might haunt you, the Admin Panel HTTP_REFERER problem and the pskill.exe problem are two I can think of right now. Also, if you're going to allow outside access to your site, you should fix the mod_dav security flaw.

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I've received your private message, I guess we really need to include a better README.txt with Uniform Server (and put it in a place where people are more likely to see it) so people who have just started using HTTPds (like Apache) will know how to use it properly :(


So, have you solved your problem with Joomla and do you have any suggestions on what we should include in the README.txt?

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