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Hi. I have installed Uniform Server 3.3 in a Windows XP, and when I copied a folder with a particular system that I developed and tried to access it through my browser, I received the message:


"You don't have permission to access /name_folder on this server."


Really I dont know how to manage the permission in the Uniforma Server.


Any idea ?



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I just installed the uniserver and copied the folder into the www, in this case is facturacion (I'm argentinien....and that's spanish). Then I tried to access through the browser, with the follow addresses:




But......I recently tried this: to enter to http:\\localhost/tienda that's another folder y I had access.


The only diference between 2 folder, is that I download the firt one form our webserver to my localmachine, trhough WinScp, and then I tried to access it, after to copy it in www. The other, was created DIRECTLY in a windows enviromnet.


Wich would be the problem ?

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