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Just installed Uniform Server for Windows... not the most technical person so pls forgive this base question.


The default install has a directory /www/ where the public site files "go", but the module I'm trying to work with.. the public folder is /httpdocs/ (and I've seen other variations on various server installations).


I thought I could change a configuration setting so I could use the directory name /httpdocs/ instead, but I don't see anything anywhere to do that.


Can you'all point me in the right direction...?

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Make sure the server is running and then open W:\usr\local\apache2\conf\httpd.conf with notepad.


Firstly, search for "DocumentRoot "/www"" and replace that with "DocumentRoot "/httpdocs"". Next, search for "", there should be 2 of them, replace both of them with "". Then, search for "UserDir "/www/"", you can either comment that (add # in front of it) so that it now reads "#UserDir "/www/"" or change it to "UserDir "/httpdocs/"".


Lastly, Don't forget to rename W:\www W:\httpdocs :)


Hope that works :)

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You also have to change the one in the php.ini file also....


Though we do not recommend this, please be careful as this may cause problems with the server...

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