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How do you want the next version of Uniform Server


How do you want the next version of Uniform Server to be distributed?  

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  1. 1. How do you want the next version of Uniform Server to be distributed?

    • .zip
    • .rar
    • .7z
    • MSI Installer
    • NSIS Installer
    • Self-extracting Archive (made with 7-zip, WinRAR, ...)
    • All of the above

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i voted msi, but then i changed my mind when i realized that uniformserver doesn't require any installation. Now I'm saying zip.

Also, I have a suggestion for distribution. You should make it available via bittorrent too. It'll save you bandwidth. If you need a tracker, you can either use owntracker.com or install torrenttrader light. all you have to do is upload the files and chmod a couple of them.

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For those who voted .7z without SFX, you do know that you will be required to install 7-Zip before it can be uncompressed?


The one we use now is the 7-Zip with SFX compression and Zip

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I voted zip - but actually I couldn't care much less if it was zip, rar, ace, bz2 or gz. Or for that matter some SFX format. It's just that Zip is the most widely-used archive type so it's pretty much guaranteed that everyone can unpack'em.


Greatest disadvantage by distributing as SFX, MSI or any other .exe-fileformat is that the files can easier get infected by virus and stuff like that. I'd certainly prefer that a zip (not 7zip) was put out too.


Ofcourse there should be an installable version too. Just not my personal preference. :(

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just say no to EXE-based distributions.. even the php4 plugin that is an exe, i extracted manually. a windows installer is not needed.. no registry dust, remember? B)


a ZIP will do nicely and everybody's got it, although 'compressed folders' is really, really slow.. 7zip or izarc are much better, and free, alternatives.


just make sure the root of the archive is a folder that has everything in it (like it is now). i hate it when i 'unzip here' and i get files all over the friggin place. i remember one upgrade of mambo and the root of the archive was NOT a folder and it extracted all over the top of my install (a live site), instead of into a folder like they normally do.. forced me into an upgrade i wasn't quite ready for... grrrr...

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Well the .exe is what we are using and not all .exe files have a registry setting in them B)


We are using the NSIS installer so it can automatically install everything for you and add the settings to the httpd.conf file or whereever it needs... :D


The .zip is also a must and will be there just as we have a .exe and .zip for the main server distribution....

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