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defaults file error


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Could not open required defaults file: my-small.cnf
Fatal error in defaults handling. Program aborted
Press any key to continue . . .


This is what i get when i try to launch mysqlstart.bat


I have modified the my-small.cnf so as to have InnoDB support.


And here's what it looks like:


# The Uniform Servers MySql Config File.
# One can use all long options that the program supports.
# Run the program with --help to get a list of available options

# This will be passed to all mysql clients

# Here is entries for some specific programs
# The following values assume you have at least 32M ram

# The MySQL server

set-variable	= key_buffer=16K
set-variable	= max_allowed_packet=1M
set-variable	= thread_stack=64K
set-variable	= table_cache=4
set-variable	= sort_buffer=64K
set-variable	= net_buffer_length=2K
server-id	= 1

# Uncomment the following if you want to log updates

# Uncomment the following rows if you move the MySQL distribution to another
# location
basedir = "/usr/local/mysql/"
datadir = "/usr/local/mysql/data/"
tmpdir = "/tmp"

# Uncomment the following if you are NOT using BDB tables

# Uncomment the following if you are NOT using innodb tables

# Uncomment the following if you are using Innobase tables
innodb_data_file_path = ibdata1:18M
innodb_data_home_dir = /usr/local/mysql/data/
innodb_log_group_home_dir = /usr/local/mysql/data/
innodb_log_arch_dir = /usr/local/mysql/data/
set-variable = innodb_mirrored_log_groups=1
set-variable = innodb_log_files_in_group=2
set-variable = innodb_log_file_size=10M
set-variable = innodb_log_buffer_size=1M
set-variable = innodb_buffer_pool_size=8M
set-variable = innodb_additional_mem_pool_size=2M
set-variable = innodb_file_io_threads=4
set-variable = innodb_lock_wait_timeout=50

set-variable	= max_allowed_packet=16M

# Remove the next comment character if you are not familiar with SQL

set-variable	= key_buffer=8M
set-variable	= sort_buffer=8M

set-variable	= key_buffer=8M
set-variable	= sort_buffer=8M



If I reboot my pc, it loads fine. After a few mysql restarts i get the above msg.


P.S. Great work on this project. Grats!

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