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Why is apache.exe always renamed?


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I've been using uniformserver since 7.0.1 Orion (infact that is my preferred version which i still use along with a later version on a different port).

For reasons unknown, you always rename apache.exe to something else - such as httpd_z.exe in the latest versions. Why is this?

In Orion there was no easy way to create virtual hosts without restarting. By using "apache -k restart" all of apaches child threads will reload their configurations from httpd.conf when they have finished their current task - without apache itself being restarted. In short, you don't need to restart apache each time you create a new vhost.

However.. this fails with a renamed apache executable. Also you seem to install it into the service manager with a different name too - i had to uninstall mine and reinstall it as apache2.2 and then the reload option worked a treat.

So why do you always rename apache? - I'm not criticising, I love US (xampp is trash) but this I find it odd that you do this.

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