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3.3 apanel doesn't work


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I am sure if you supply a little more detail someone will help.

Do you have any error messages?

Is Apache server running?

Are you using drive W or another drive letter ?

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Apache and MySQL work fine, using drive letter S. However, I can't get the admin page to work at all. This also means I can't load phpMyAdmin.


For now I'm just using version 3.2a because it is working perfectly. I'd like to know why the newer one won't work though.




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Ok Damian i think i kow ur problem um something that might help is try typing in you computers local ip adress in place of the local host, and make sure to have the ending "/" if not nothing will load, as for the local ip adress find out your computers which the server runs but going in to the network conection settings and type it like this "" where the is yor local ip adress and DONT FORGET THE ENDING SLASH "/"


Clear? lemme know if you got it going


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nah, the problem for Damian is the drive letter change. You need to set the W:/home/admin/www/includes/config.inc.php drive letter to your new driive letter.


Thanks and sorry for the confusion.

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